Magdalena Dansk

+46 (0)702 58 30 68


Our Account Manager and Producer Magdalena has the initial and final contact with our clients. A typical day at the Crisp office for her is to keep up a good dialogue with all of the clients, and make sure they are kept in the loop. She also makes sure the Directors and Production Department have all they need to deliver high-quality films according to clients briefs. To Magdalena it is important to be credible towards clients and as a result get a 150% satisfied client.

“The years of experience I have from ‘the buyers side’, buying what Crisp Film produces, and now being on the suppliers side, has given me a deep understanding of what a client is driven by.” 

What inspires Magdalena the most, is to work in a creative and fast-paced environment that is driven by story-telling. And to every day dig in to the inspiring challenge in meeting up our clients needs. All clients are unique.

Funny fact is that she used to hate coriander and ginger but totally loves it now and even get cravings for it.