Our crew is tight, relaxed and completely mad about film. We love strong ideas, brands and statements. We’re convinced the best way to make good ideas great is through film: Film captivates and can take you for a ride like no other medium.

The length doesn’t matter; it’s what one feels when “hit with the message” that matters.
Done right message works like magic.

Since the start in 2010 our goal has always been to challenge the business and the competition by constantly challenging ourselves. We’re always looking for new ideas, talents and inspiration, and we strive to deliver on our promise “more reel for the buck” every day.

We believe in the weather beaten slogan “change”, if it helps us grow as a company and as individuals. So, if you’re a film fanatic, project leader or brand manager who also believe in change and growth through film – Welcome.

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Vi är ett nytänkande produktionsbolag som skapar unik och smart kommunikation genom berättande, kreativitet, innovation och teknologi.
Detta gör vi genom att göra bland annat: kreativ filmproduktion, företagsfilm, informationsfilm, eventfilm, presentationsfilm & bra instruktionsfilmer. Vi är ditt produktionsbolag för film.