Nima Krudtaa

+46(0)72 301 97 77



Our Production Manager, Nima, does many things. The major thing is helping the Director´s ideas come to life, which means establishing contacts and putting together the right crew. She is a problem solver and makes sure the budget, crew and equipment fall into place.

“I believe my social skills are an advantage in the business. I work hard to motivate the team and make everyone feel appreciated while maintaining high expectations for us to live up to.”

Nima has a Bachelor´s Degree in Journalism but has mostly worked with Production Companies, producing TV, music video´s, commercial and content. Her work has and still consists of new challenges and lessons every day.

Random fact about Nima: She owns a Cornish Rex. No, it´s not a Dinosaur its a cat!



Commercial for FORTNOX.


Commercial for Trygg-Hansa.