100 years of history


We had the honor of producing two films for the real estate company Wihlborgs, aimed at both strengthening the brand and celebrating Wihlborgs’ 100th anniversary.

In these films, our goal was to create living stories filled with passion and depth. We sought to capture the magic that has characterized Wihlborgs’ journey through time and to showcase how their presence has shaped and influenced the Öresund region over the past century.

The anniversary film takes the viewer on a journey through time, where a timeline becomes not just a visual effect but the very heart of the story, seamlessly weaving together past, present, and future to delve deep into the essence of Wihlborgs. With a warm and inspiring narrator’s voice, the viewer is guided through the company’s history, bringing each significant moment and event to life.

It’s not just the company’s history or its operations that take the spotlight; it’s equally about the individuals who drive it forward. By featuring current employees in the films, we create a sense of closeness and unity. We gain insight into daily life at Wihlborgs, where each individual plays a crucial role in the company’s ongoing success.

As we look to the future and see Wihlborgs’ vision for the years ahead, it is with a sense of both anticipation and confidence. With their impressive history as a foundation and their long-term focus on sustainability and human well-being, it’s clear that the future is bright for Wihlborgs and for everyone fortunate enough to be part of their journey.

CLIENT Wihlborgs
Title 100 år av historia
Executive Producer Gabriel Schock
Producer Sofia Sörlin
Director Joakim Hesselgren
Editor Adam Sköld
DOP Daniel Edin
Channel Web & SoMe


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100 år av historia
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Vi är Wihlborgs
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