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During the pre-production meeting we go through what we need, and need to do, before we start filming, e.g. what solutions and equipment we choose for specific scenes. Large projects often demand several pre-production meetings.

Welcome to Crisp Film – the Stockholm-based production company
that loves to make brands stronger through film, and more efficient film production. We live by the motto: “more reel for the buck”, and we intend to live up to it – frame by frame.

Our team is made up of a tightly knit crew that lives for film and turning new bold ideas into great stories. Regardless if your brand is a company, organisation or person, our goal is always the same: to make sure good ideas become great films that make an impact.

We’re a creative production company, full of smart and efficient solutions – therefore, we can provide the whole film production process under one roof. The process is simple and includes script development, directing, casting, editing and the post-production steps that any modern production might need, e.g. VR, VFX and sound design.


At CRISP FILM, we have produced commercials, moving content, TV formats and feature films for the Scandinavian market since 2010. When you choose us, you are choosing experience and flexibility. We adapt each film production according to its concept and budget. We can manage and cater to the whole process, i.e., all parts of a film production, from concept, script and planning to filming, effects and editing. More control means “more reel for the buck” when it’s time to turn your idea into storytelling. In short, we’re your one-stop shop for film production

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