The Wist Family

Always close, always available

Along with Roxx Communication, we developed the campaign “The Wist Family” for Wist Last & Buss, one of Sweden’s largest dealers of Volvo trucks and buses. The goal was to create a strong concept that could be expanded with more films in the future. The campaign’s plot followed one or more main characters who represented Wist’s customers in dramatized situations.

The core of the communication concept “The Family” was to portray Wist Last & Buss as a safe, dedicated, and welcoming family always close at hand – for both customers and employees. Whether everyday life flows smoothly or problems arise, Wist is there with its familial qualities. In the concept, we highlighted and reinforced the family feeling by placing “Wist people” in situations where they wouldn’t usually be, but where they still appeared and interacted with customers in a familial and close manner. Safe and uncomplicated – just like in a family.

In one of the films, we follow a child and a father who have planned a nice day at the beach, but as many parents can relate to, things don’t always go as planned. We see the child sitting sulking on a blanket with crossed arms while the father sits beside in a beach chair with a huge inflatable water toy in front of him, where the big challenge is inflating it.

The film was narrated in a documentary style with dramatic and clear zooms guiding viewers to the central parts of the story. Since the film had no dialogue, the focus was on conveying emotions through the actors. The aim was to create a nuanced and authentic reality that didn’t feel exaggerated, while the characters’ emotions were clearly conveyed, so the viewer could understand the plot.

To create a warm and family-like atmosphere, we used colors in yellow and beige shades, while complementary blue colors were included to connect the film with Wist’s graphic profile. The “Wist Family” campaign successfully, in an entertaining way, conveyed the message that Wist Last & Buss is there for its customers, no matter the situation.

Client Wist Last & Buss
AGENCY Roxx Communication
TITLE The Wist Family
Channel Web, SoMe
Director Joakim Hesselgren
Executive producer Thomas Aziz
Producer Sofia Sörlin
DOP Daniel Edin
Editor Joakim Hesselgren


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