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Our process


We start with a meeting and a brief where we talk about goals, audiences and budget. Once we have agreed on “scope and timetable” we go to work. We offer the whole production process: from script and planning, to filming, after-effects and editing – or “more reel for the buck” as we like to call it.

Read about our 5 steps below.


Creative meeting

At a first creative meeting, we talk about communication goals, vision, messages and target audience with you.


After the first creative meeting, Crisp Film creates an idea.


We present this first idea to you and you give us feedback.


We update the idea according to your feedback and develop a  concept.


We present the updated idea and the concept to you. The presentation highlight: purpose, goals and messages, and why we believe in this concept.



You, the client, approve the concept, idea, time, competence and our resource plan for the production.

Project cost

We present you with a budget for the project.


Written orders are sent by us, and confirmed by you.

Start-up meeting

We set a clear plan for the production, with schedules, delivery dates, creative arrangements for production and more.


Script & storyboard

We agree on screenplay / script and the scenes.


We cast actors and send our favourite choices to you for approval.
We agree on the cast.

Location scouting

We check the location/locations before we start filming.

Costume samples

Our suggestions are sent to you for approval.

PPM (Pre-production meeting)

We go through all necessary details before we start filming.

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The film team is booked.


The technology we need is booked.


The filming takes place on the locations agreed upon.

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Audio is synchronised with image. The movie is cut according to agreed lengths and clips.


After this first editing, we watch the movie with you.

Music & Sound Design

Music is added. The sound is mixed (sound design).

Animation, VFX & Grading

Animations if any, VFX effects and colour gradings are applied.

Online & delivery

A first version of the film is sent to you for approval.
Adjustments are made. The final film is delivered in the correct format and lengths.


An invoice can be sent by Agreement. Agreement is a part of step 2:

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We go through statistics and see what impact the film has had.

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