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We helped LINK Arkitektur, one of Scandinavia’s largest architecture firms with 500 employees in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark, in creating a film that would strengthen their brand and convey the benefits of working with LINK as an architectural firm. The film would also highlight LINK’s work in sustainability through the tools they have developed to streamline their operations. The focus of the film is on the employees, and we hear from four different individuals about their experiences while accompanying them in their daily work.

To give the film a unique dynamic and life, we wanted to use exciting angles within LINK’s office interiors. The camera made recurring tilts to the side, known as dutch tilts, which involves tilting the camera from a vertical to a horizontal position within the shot, creating a playful effect. We chose to cross-cut between different sequences to create a lively flow throughout the film, rapidly transitioning between environments.

The lighting was carefully planned to frame the employees with light and create a clear contrast to the dark environment behind them. This contributed to a cinematic feel that captured viewers’ attention.

Images of models from LINK’s previous projects were rapidly edited together, creating short, intense montages that recurred throughout the film. The experience was enhanced with subtle sound effects such as the clicking sound that occurs when an image scrolled past.

In post-production, warm colors like yellow and brown were used, along with a 35mm film filter, to add an organic feel to the film. This added an organic touch to the film, aligning with LINK’s sustainability efforts and close-up shots of materials like wood, concrete, and stone.

The result was an impactful film that not only conveyed LINK’s work and values but also created a strong visual and emotional experience for the audience.

CLIENT LINK Arkitektur
PRODUCER Emma Hedestig
DIRECTOR Joakim Hesselgren
DOP Daniel Edin


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