Time for a new life

”Time for a new life” is the second project we produced for Forsman & Bodenfors and it’s been a pleasure working with them in production and idea development for their client Vattenfall.

The film’s target audiences are young families, 25-40 years old, and highlights the thoughts relocating to a new home can stir up, such as everyday issues and concerns mixed with future hopes. It’s reassuring to know it’s possible to bring really smart things, like a climate smart electricity deal with you. That’s what our idea brings to life, through symbolic images in combination with a poetic voice over that puts things in perspective.

By physically showing the effect that Vattenfall’s message “bring the electricity with you” has embodied, it delivers Vattenfall’s message in a visually interesting and strong way. Here electricity clearly becomes one of the things you should care about when moving. By using a globe as our “main character” we reinforce this message in a nice symbolic way when adding the strapline – “move to a fossil free home”, plus the supporting message: ”take your current electricity contract – join us.”

Like previous films we’ve had the pleasure of producing for Happy F&B and Vattenfall, “Time for a new life” is also in line with Vattenfall’s larger promise: ” Fossil free in one generation.”

Client Vattenfall
Agency Forsman & Bodenfors
Market Finland
Audience Young Families (25-40 years)
Title Time For A New Life
Channel SoMe
Director Robin Ehlde
Executive Producer Thomas Aziz
Producer Alina Rydbeck
DOP Josua Enblom


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