Time for a new life

”Time for a new life” is produced for Forsman & Bodenfors. This is the second job and concept where we’ve had the pleasure of helping out with idea development and production for their client Vattenfall, which feels super fun.

The film’s target audience are young families, 25-40, and highlights the things and thoughts relocating to a new home can cause a stir up. Everyday stuff, concerns mixed with future hopes. It’s good to know it’s possible to bring the really smart things, like climate smart electricity deal with you. That’s what our idea brings to life, through symbolic images combined with a poetic voice over that make you think.

By physically showing the effect Vattenfall’s message “bring the electricity with you” has our idea manages to deliver Vattenfall’s message in an interesting and strong
way visually. Here electricity also clearly become one of the things you should care about when moving. By using a globe as our “main character” we reinforce this
message in a nice symbolic when adding the strapline – “move to a fossil free home”, plus the supporting message:” take your current electricity contract – join us.”

Like previous films we’ve had the pleasure producing for Happy F&B and Vattenfall “Time for a new life” is also in line with Vattenfall’s larger promise: ” Fossil free in one generation.”

Client Vattenfall
Agency Forsman & Bodenfors
Market Finland
Audience Young Families (25-40 years)
Title Time For A New Life
Channel SoMe
Director Robin Ehlde
Executive Producer Thomas Aziz
Producer Alina Rydbeck
DOP Josua Enblom


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