The right to movement

Kronfågel’s “The right to movement” is a production in collaboration with the agency Passion Lab. “The right to movement” is a sports fund founded by Kronfågel, which aims to give young people with different forms of disabilities the opportunity of being able to move and meet others. 

The film is about Gustav who loves to swim. He was born with a physical disability called AMC, which causes muscle shortening and stiff joints in large parts of his body. The film is built like a classic sports-ad, with the intention to portray Gustav as a future super athlete dreaming of becoming a world swimming champion.

The purpose of the film is to inform about the initiative whilst also giving the viewer a sense of warmth and real emotions. The ambition of the director was to capture honesty, heart and soul using the film’s visual expression. Smooth high speed movements together with an intimate handheld camera. Abstract close-ups give a hint of what is to come. The film gradually accelerates to the grand finale and transitions into a calm and peaceful ending. 

We set out to convey a visual feeling from darkness to light, from a life of limited movement to a life of movement. These metaphors infuse the visual imagery

A hopeful light passing through the shadows, like an object that moves from darkness to light. Swimming is a sport where two worlds meet – above and below the surface. 

The tone emphasizes Gustav’s role, it’s his film, his journey and his story to tell. 

His experience is a part of a true story and additionally an elevated visual experience. We wanted the feeling of real people and real emotions to transcend every scene of the film, and thanks to the wonderful people at Nacka Hi we managed to reach that goal. The best part of this whole journey was getting to know Gustav and his family. It’s thanks to them and our great film crew that the production was such a great success. 

However, let’s not forget the idea that started it all. It began with Passion Lab’s starting concept that really spoke to us. Shortly thereafter, ripples on the water began spreading. 

Our biggest challenge was to find a suitable swimming pool during the pandemic that started in 2020. We searched until the very end and eventually we found Bosön simhall, which turned out to be a perfect match.

To make this film as good as possible meant being flexible and making quick decisions from all parties involved. Luckily this was carried out flawlessly and everybody’s been really enthusiastic and compliant all throughout this whole process. The production landed the goal we and the client set out and it’s been a really fun process all the way through.

Client Kronfågel
Agency Passion Lab
Market Sweden
Title The right to movement
Channel TVC
Director Gabriel Schock
Executive Producer Thomas Aziz
Producer Alina Rydbeck
DOP Niklas Panthell


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The right to movement (Dir Cut)
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The right to movement (Behind the scenes)
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