A cleaner home

Next generation air purifier

Let’s go back to the Nostalgic 80’s! In this campaign, alongside Pernilla Wahlgren, we embark on a trip back in time to celebrate Ozoneair Purify and its ability to enhance the air quality in your home, all presented in a unique and humorous commercial.

In these commercials, we completely immerse ourselves in the iconic aesthetics of the 80’s, with Pernilla taking center stage to sing and dance, illustrating how poor indoor air quality can occur and how ineffective solutions have often been. Ozoneair Purify emerges as the ultimate remedy for these issues.

We got the opportunity to go all in with our cinematic expression, both visually and in tone, as we playfully recreate the style of commercials from this iconic decade. A pitch-perfect flirtation with the 80’s and how Pernilla looked at that time, adding an extra dimension of humor and entertainment.

The campaign is visible everywhere, from the TV screen and on the radio to print ads, and Pernilla’s own social media channels, all with the aim of reaching a broad audience. Our commercial was warmly embraced, making appearances on popular shows like TV4’s “Nyhetsmorgon”, where it garnered an overwhelmingly positive response from viewers.

Client Ozonair
Title A Cleaner Home
Channel TVC, SoMe, Web
Director Robin Ehlde
Executive Producer Thomas Aziz
Producer Sofia Sörlin
FAD Jonas Overton
DOP & Colorist Daniel J. Edin
Editor & VFX Rickard Boija
Music Streamline Studio


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