AirForestry is paving the way for the future with its high-capacity drones for forest thinning and harvesting. Their electric harvesting drones enable thinning and harvesting from the air without damaging the ground or surrounding trees, potentially revolutionizing forestry by moving it into the aerial realm. To ensure these drones function optimally in remote forested areas where traditional coverage is often lacking, a stable and secure high-capacity connection is needed, especially for video transmissions.

Tele2 was tasked with delivering a mobile private 5G network to AirForestry as part of a pilot project in 2024. If successful, this project opens up opportunities for commercial implementation. Tele2’s private 5G system enables a stable and private connection in forest environments, ensuring higher speeds and availability.

We had the opportunity to follow AirForestry’s team during a test day for their drone project using the private 5G network. The result was a three-minute film showcasing the drone in testing and operation, along with interviews with AirForestry’s CEO and representatives from Tele2 discussing the project.

To add an extra dimension to the film and the drone demonstration, we chose to include detailed shots of the robust drone, illuminated by spotlights in a dimmed setting. These close-up shots, with specific lighting and in a visually appealing environment, helped highlight the project’s innovation and technological aspects.

This film was used on the web and social media in conjunction with Tele2’s press release about the project. The goal was to create a film that not only generated interest in the project but also engaged and fascinated the audience by showcasing the innovative technology and its potential to transform forestry.

TITLE Airforestry
PRODUCER Sofia Sörlin
DIRECTORS Joakim Hesselgren & Tobias Bragge
EDITOR Tobias Bragge
DOP Lucas Lindgren


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