Det finns alltid en anledning


Together with the agency Sweet Creatives, we created the campaign “There’s Always a Reason”. It was a campaign that showcased ordinary people making their way to St. Per Gallerian in a fun and entertaining way. We aimed to create a strong connection between everyday situations and the vibrant atmosphere of the mall through four scenes where people struggle against the monotony of daily life only to find their salvation at S:t Per Gallerian.

By depicting humorous situations where people seek excuses to break their mundane routine and visit the mall, we created a contrast between the dull everyday life and the colorful mall environment. We used simple storytelling to effectively reach our target audience and craft a memorable film.

Lighting played a central role in portraying the different atmospheres. In the dreary everyday scenes, we used cold and subdued lighting to enhance the feeling of monotony, while the lighting at S:t Per Gallerian became warmer and more inviting to create a lively atmosphere.

Through a balanced use of humor and relatability, we aimed to make the audience laugh with recognition of the gray everyday life while experiencing a sense of encouragement when they landed in the vibrant atmosphere of S:t Per Gallerian.

The goal was for the audience to recognize themselves in the characters’ experiences and feel a sense of joy when they arrived at S:t Per Gallerian. By creating a journey from boredom to lively joy, we aimed to convey the importance of finding bright spots in everyday life and showcase S:t Per Gallerian as a place where one can do just that.

Client S:t Per Gallerian
Agency Sweet Creatives
Title Det finns alltid en anledning
Channel Cinema, TVC, SoMe
Executive Producer Thomas Aziz
Producer Sofia Sörlin
Director Robin Ehlde
Editor Adam Sköld
DOP Daniel Edin


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