Diabetes never comes alone

Diabetes never comes alone

We were given the assignment to, in collaboration with the advertising agency Granath, create films for the pharmaceutical company Bayer targeting individuals with diabetes (type 2). The goal was to raise awareness about potential complications that individuals with diabetes might face, and simultaneously encourage a proactive approach to their health.

To convey this, we chose to focus on the movement of these complications, depicting their subtle approach towards individuals with diabetes who might be unaware. We used visual metaphors by showcasing the main character setting up warning traps, revealing the approaching complications in time and halting their progress. To engage the audience, we built tension from start to finish.

By dressing the actors in morphsuits, we personified the complications without giving them specific faces. Our aim was to represent these complications in a visually playful manner. We chose different colors to symbolize various conditions: brown for kidney disease, red for cardiovascular issues, and white for eye-related problems.

The camera placement on the photographer’s shoulder created a documentary-style, authentic feel throughout the films. The editing maintained a comfortable pace, allowing viewers to navigate the storyline easily and focus on the key elements.

The lighting setup created an intimate, dark yet cozy atmosphere without horror film vibes. Using warm tones in yellow, beige, and dark brown, we aimed to convey a sense of warmth and comfort suitable for the evening setting in which the films were set.

The outcome of the film production was an engaging campaign utilized on the web and across social media platforms to raise awareness about actively engaging in dialogues with healthcare providers concerning symptoms related to type 2 diabetes.

AGENCY Granath
TITLE Diabetes never comes alone
PRODUCER Emma Hedestig
DIRECTOR & EDITOR Joakim Hesselgren
DOP Daniel Edin


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