The Eko Family


We were tasked with developing a long-term advertising concept for EKO Stormarknad that could be used over an extended period. The goal of the films was to create a strong connection between viewers and EKO Stormarknad through a series of warm and entertaining films filled with humor and joy. We wanted viewers to subconsciously understand that EKO Stormarknad offers a surprisingly wide range of quality products at low prices in a delightful environment.

The key elements of our concept are recognition, humor, and subtle brand exposure. We introduced a charmingly chaotic “Svensson family” who quickly become regulars at EKO. Through the films, we follow the family from their first visit to EKO to becoming true regulars, while also getting to know them as individuals. Their private lives spill over into their shopping routines, creating humorous and relatable scenes. For example, the teenage daughter might be dating a new boyfriend, or the dad might secretly buy an extra grill for the caravan and get caught, leading to him surprising his wife with a gift in the next film.

In a warm and genuine way, we get to know the family throughout the year, and our goal is for these characters to become beloved in Scandinavia. We want to hear people say, “Isn’t that ‘EKO-Janne’?” when they see him in town. If that happens, we’ve succeeded!

The visual style of the films should feel warm and inviting. Through carefully selected camera angles and lighting, we strive to capture EKO Stormarknad’s charm and atmosphere in the best possible way. The scenes will be thoughtfully composed to highlight the products and give viewers a positive experience.

The “EKO family” is and will continue to be a long-term and dynamic concept that combines humor, recognition, and strong brand exposure to create strong connections to EKO Stormarknad and increase brand awareness.

Client EKO Stormarknad
Title EKO-familjen
Channels TVC, SoMe, Web
Executive Producer Gabriel Schock
Producer Sofia Sörlin
Director Robin Ehlde
Editor Rickard Boija
DOP Daniel Edin & Bo Pärletun


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Fantastisk shopping
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En av varje smak
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Tjäna pengar
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Sommarspel & Klädshop
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Kosläpp på Eko
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Här finns allt
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Mat från hela världen
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Kärlek vid första ögonkastet
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