District heating

The circular society

With Vattenfall Värme and Fjärrvärme we wanted to tell a story of the circular society. With an underlying mission to change the attitude towards Vattenfall Värme and Fjärrvärme we wanted a storyline where we could make district heating the headline. Show, explain and prove how it contributes to our cities from Vattenfall’s perspective.

In this film we see how people interact with each other and the society. It’s a story that follows the citizens around for a day. We wanted to create a context where joy and liveliness cannot be missed by portraying moment’s from people’s lives. We capture how everyone lives in the circular city and how it is everywhere around us: the hot water in our homes, on our way to work, the heating in the radiators at our friend’s house, the energy sources at the sausage stand and the ground heating when training at the soccer field.

The movie has a genuine, heightened, documentary feel, which is more cinematic and visual when creating strong, interesting storytelling. Authenticity is the key word, representing the feeling we wanted to capture when working with real people. We use circular objects and transitions in between the scenes to connect district heating to the circular society in order to come closer to the product and the people. A voiceover narrated by people in different ages tells us how they picture their future and their lives in a circular environment.

The film takes place somewhere in Sweden, with a ruff weather and the rain about to break through the clouds – the way our country is usually seen: dark and raw. But beautiful. The feeling throughout this project is youthful, urban and curious. It is also human, warm and optimistic. It represents the togetherness of the circular society that we want you to feel when seeing the logo of Vattenfall Värme and Fjärrvärme from now on.

Client Vattenfall
Agency Differ
Channels SoMe, Web
Executive Producer Ebbe Sundberg
Producer Sofia Sörlin
Director Robin Ehlde
DOP Lucas Lindgren


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District heating
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