For the Love of TEX MEX

Taco Bar

Taco Bar has long been a beloved choice, yet surprisingly, few were aware of its extensive selection of 250 delightful vegetarian options. To unveil this hidden gem, we took to social media with a crisp and vibrant film, a refreshing salad of visual delight.

Our approach was straightforward yet impactful – a visual feast showcasing numerous delectable green dishes right at the heart of our taco table. The central message resonated clearly: “Loads of tasty green choices.”

The film struck the right chord, embodying precision, animation, 100% brand alignment, and a perfect balance for the swift and clear nature of social media communication. It served as a quick and engaging revelation, ensuring Taco Bar’s diverse vegetarian offerings took center stage.

CLIENT Tacobar
DIRECTOR Rickard Boija
PRODUCER Thomas Aziz


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