Game Night med Glenn & Per


Together with Unibet and Passion Lab, we’ve created “Game Night med Glenn & Per”, a series that celebrates some of Sweden’s most passionate NHL fans. The unique love for NHL teams, which burns brightest when night falls and the hockey arenas light up on the other side of the Atlantic, is the essence of the series. We wanted to focus on the unique, relentless, and sometimes almost indescribable love for NHL teams, and how this love guides the emotions and actions of Swedish fans, regardless of the time of day.

Game Night with Glenn & Per consists of four “native portrait” episodes where we, alongside Glenn Hysén and Per Ledin, meet different Swedish NHL fans in an authentic and light-hearted manner. We encounter Andreas, a New York Rangers fanatic who named his daughter after his favorite team. Samir and his group of friends who take their NHL interest to new heights through fantasy games, where the prestige is immense. Alexander, a statistics nerd who becomes nostalgic as he flips through his old hockey cards and gets to experience a training session like a real NHL player. Finally, we meet Hanna, a Toronto supporter and freelance journalist, hoping to inspire more girls to take an interest in hockey.

To further tie the series together, each episode included an intro where we see Glenn & Per meet in a dramatic hockey faceoff.

The films have primarily been broadcast on Expressen’s website with accompanying articles and on Unibet’s channels. They have also been used in shorter formats on TV, on social media, and as dynamic content on DOOH signs.

By linking the activation of Unibet’s partnership with the NHL to the overall advertising concept, we aimed to strengthen the message, build credibility, and create recognition. Game Night with Glenn & Per became an engaging and entertaining series that conveyed the strong love and passion that Swedish NHL fans have for their teams.

AGENCY Passion Lab
TITLE Game Night med Glenn & Per
PRODUCER Sofia Sörlin
DIRECTOR Robin Ehlde
EDITOR Adam Sköld
DOP Daniel Edin


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Game Night med Glenn & Per - TVC 20s
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Game Night med Glenn & Per - Red Wings-supportern Samir
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Game Night med Glenn & Per - Rangers-supportern Andreas
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Game Night med Glenn & Per - NHL-fantasten Alexander
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Game Night med Glenn & Per - Toronto-supportern Hanna
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