Mataam is a programme, where food lovers and entrepreneurs from all corners of the earth compete in cooking. Who will bring us the next kebab pizza? Mataam was presented by comedian and YouTuber Filip Dikmen, and was released on YouTube and Viaplay’s platform “Viafree”. Mataam’s jury constituted of Nidal Kersh, Zeina Mourtada och Andra Farhad, who all gave participants cooking and entrepreneurial advice during the series. 

Mataam took it away straight away covering what dishes and concepts we were served, from food trucks to posh porcelain and everything in between. The jury was very impressed, as were Filip Dikmen’s YouTube followers, as well as the Viafree audience all across Sweden.

Mataam was financed by Halebop and developed together with Obeya, who developed strategies. The agency Wavemaker was responsible for art direction and scriptwriting. This was a completely unique concept and was very well received, probably because it appealed food lovers and entrepreneurs alike in a new smart way.


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