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Alla ska ha möjlighet att läsa

We Allow Everyone to Read

MTM, the Authority for Available Media, strives for everyone to have access to literature and community information regardless of one’s abilities and needs.

When launching MTM’s “We Allow Everyone to Read” campaign, we produced films showing how tools from MTM help people with reading disabilities live easier lives by helping them read and listen to books and information the way they prefer, e.g., in one film we meet Gunnar who can barely see, and Fozia from Pakistan, who borrows books in easy-read Swedish.

The message with the films is that the ability is more than the extent of one’s functions. Recently, the films won Gold at the Intermedia Globe Grand Award in Hamburg.

Client MTM
Agency Blomqvist & Co
Executive Producer Isa Bååth Ardow
Producer Konrad Patocs
Director Ali Mermachi
DOP Kim Silvfing


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