60 Years Of Community Building

PEAB celebrates 60 years

PEAB celebrates 60 years of ideas, drive and community building. An interesting journey – and a unique piece of Swedish construction history. But how did this journey begin? What was it that kicked this small family company in the south of Sweden off, 60 years ago? How did Bröderna Paulssons Entreprenad AB become PEAB? And what values ​​and factors have made this impressive business journey possible? The purpose was to tell the story about Bröderna Paulssons Entreprenad AB, the values, insights and choices that have made the expansion and journey to the Peab we have today possible. 

Audience Co-workers, customers and partners
Channels SoMe, Internal film for employees
Client PEAB
Producer Isa Bååth-Ardow
Director Robin Ehlde & Ali Memarchi
DOP Alessandro Berellini


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Peab 60 years
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