Skogens mästare


As national team athletes, the schedule is tight, and the pressure is immense. The chances of prioritizing culinary joy are therefore minimal. Our vision with ”Skogens mästare” was to challenge the ski team members by taking them out of their usual training environment and placing them in a wilderness setting where cooking and challenges are combined. ICA and Ski Team Sweden wanted to collectively inspire and guide skiers and everyday exercisers on good, simple, quick, and healthy dishes that fit perfectly in nature and, doesn’t cost much.

Together with ICA & Passion Lab, we have produced four films where the athletes test their skills in preparing food in the wilderness. Through the challenges, the athletes showcase their competitive spirit and survival skills, which can inspire you when going on a food-filled adventure in nature.

The central question lingered: Who would emerge as the ultimate “Skogens mästare”? The films served as a captivating journey, blending the worlds of outdoor cooking and competition, for the ski team. This project sought to convey the message that even in the midst of a hectic athletic lifestyle, the joy of preparing and enjoying simple, healthy meals can be an integral part of the journey. The films were not only a testament to the athletes’ capabilities but also a source of inspiration for anyone seeking culinary adventures in the heart of nature.

AGENCY Passion Lab
TITLE Skogens Mästare
PRODUCER Sofia Sörlin
DIRECTOR Robin Ehlde
EDITOR Adam Sköld
DOP Daniel Edin


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Avsnitt 1 - Poppa popcorn
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Avsnitt 2 - Eldkampen
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Avsnitt 3 - Svampquiz
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Avsnitt 4 - Prisutdelning
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