201 Sommarpsalm

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We had the honour of producing a campaign film to support the launch of the song “201”, a modern interpretation of “En vänlig grönskas rika dräkt”, in a new version by Min Stora Dag’s ambassadors Danny Saucedo and Amy Deasismont. The song is a tune many associate with the sunshine of childhood’s most memorable moments. The song is released in support of Min Stora Dag’s work, with all royalties going to the organisation’s efforts for children battling serious illnesses and conditions.

The campaign was released in June, a period many associate with school graduations and summer vacations. However, for many children, the most beautiful day of the year can be the heaviest. Children who are fighting at home, children about to start their treatment, and children too weak for summer play do not share the same feelings about the upcoming summer vacation.

Aiming to create a film that is both warm and beautiful, yet does not shy away from difficult emotions, we chose a documentary style to provide an intimate and genuine experience. The film portrays two parallel worlds: a class preparing for the much-anticipated school graduation and a child who just wants to be left alone—a fighter at home.

The film also features parts of a music video where we see Amy and Danny performing the song, accompanied by a beautiful sunset by the water. Amy and Danny sing for the children who cannot attend the school graduation and for the children who must stay in the hospital during the summer.

Despite the feelings of guilt for not being enough and the fear of the future that many families experience, we wanted to highlight the moments of light and warmth that many hold onto dearly. In this way, the school graduation is not a lost opportunity but a chance to celebrate the community they share. A reminder that even in the hardest times, there is light and hope.

CLIENT Min Stora Dag
Artists Danny Saucedo & Amy Deasismont
Music Producer Danny Saucedo
Directors Maria Sandström & Gabriel Schock
Executive Producer Thomas Aziz
Producer Alexandra Norberg
Production Assistant Filippa Karlmann
DOP Daniel Edin
1AC Lucas Lindgren
Gaffer Charles Ekström
Best boy Victor Ekström
Best boy Bror Karlsson
Set designer Petra Kågerman
Editor Gabriel Schock
Assistant Editor Adam Holmdahl
Colorist Thamer Al Zaidi
Online Adam Sköld
Sound Design Rickard Boija
Mixing & Mastering Rickard Boija
Stills Maja Brand


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201 Sommarpsalm
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