The Graduation

The Graduation

Together with Prime Weber Shandwick, our goal was to create a warm and humorous film with high recognition value for Region Örebro län.

The film focuses on Agnes, a charismatic recent graduate, with her graduation poster in the background as additional proof of her success. A middle-aged man intrudes into the frame and marks his presence with a clearing of his throat before he begins talking about the challenges young people face when seeking employment. In the background, we catch a glimpse of the living room where the mingle is taking place. Agnes, whose face radiates hope and enthusiasm for the future, initially agrees, but she soon sharpens her sarcastic tongue as she begins to enumerate the opportunities available to her. 

The secret to making the audience laugh lies in building expectations and then surprising them with unexpected reactions. This goal was brilliantly achieved through the script, where Agnes’ sarcasm was at the center. The entire film’s aesthetics and tone worked to reinforce this point and leave viewers with a sense of liberation. 

Since humor is the main ingredient of the film, the choice of actors was of the utmost importance. The goal was to retain their natural comedic timing while creating a visual language that held the viewers’ interest. Using handheld cameras gave the film an organic feel, which also allowed for a faster editing pace.

Despite the filming taking place in the middle of November, we chose to create a bright and cheerful atmosphere through clear lighting and colorful set design. This not only reinforced the feeling of summer but also the film’s humorous tone.

The purpose of the project was to produce films that would increase interest in healthcare work in the Region Örebro län and attract more young people to study healthcare at both high school and preparatory levels. By combining humor with relevant messages, the project succeeded in creating a film that not only made people laugh but also increased interest in an important sector of society.

CLIENT Region Örebro län
AGENCY Prime Weber Shandwick
TITLE The Graduation
PRODUCER Sofia Sörlin
DIRECTOR Gabriel Schock
DOP Daniel Edin


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The Graduation
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