Holmgren kommenterar strykstipset

Svenska spel

In 2014, Svenska Spel discovered that Stryktipset’s target audience lacked condensed entertaining and simple information, regarding Stryktipset’s matches. The target audience had to follow each individual team in the English league through a variety of channels themselves in order to gather that information.

This is why, during the spring of 2016, Crisp Film initiated a partnership with Stryktipset with the objective to turn a fastidious, digital and fluid demographic into a more conscious one.

In addition to this, the goal was to create a type of enthusiasm surrounding betting that was shareable with friends, associates and family. This resulted in “Holmgren kommenterar stryket”-content productions for Stryktipset, with dozens of films now being published on Facebook, Youtube and Stryktipset webpage, every Wednesday for since one year. Through each episode, Holmgren meets with new supporters, carries out new activities and presents his own bets for the coming Saturday’s Stryktips. With a range of 3.2 million viewers, the project can’t be described as nothing short of a success.

Produced by CRISP FILM
Director Linus Åkesson


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