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Taste of mozart

Taste of mozart

When Giancarlo Cignozzi, a prominent lawyer from Milan, get a chance to buy an exclusive vineyard in Tuscany’s exclusive wine country and sizes opportunity immediately. He more or less replace business suits and exclusive offices with sweaty t-shirts, wellingtons and a run down vineyard overnight. Giancarlo have always done things his way, so naturally this vine rookie’s way of growing and tending to grapes are soon the talk of the town. Tuscany’s experienced wine producers officially label Giancarlo crazy when they hear he has put up speakers and plays Mozart all over his vineyard in order to produce a better wine. Until suddenly science proves Giancarlo right.

Original title Taste of Mozart
English title Taste of Mozart
Production status In Sweden
Production country Sweden
Running time 80 min
Genre Documentery
Production Company Crisp Film AB
Director Alessandro Berellini
Producer Konrad Patocs
Executive Producer Thomas Aziz & Robin Ehlde


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