To save someone’s life

To save somebody’s life

For the third time, we had the honor of collaborating with Tobiasregistret, a Swedish organization that facilitates blood stem cell donations, to produce a heartwarming mini-documentary about a donor and a recipient. Shot in Skåne and Stockholm, the film aimed to showcase the importance of blood stem cell donation and encourage viewers to apply for Tobiasregistret.

This time, we opted for a documentary-style approach, following real people like Camilla, who suffered from cancer and needed healthy stem cells, and Martin, who received a call that he was a perfect match for someone.

Through extensive interviews with Camilla and Martin, we were able to create an emotional and authentic story that highlights the impact of blood stem cell donation. We are proud to have had the opportunity to work on such an important project that promotes life-saving donations and gives hope to those in need.

CLIENT Tobiasregistret
TITLE To save somebody's life
PRODUCER Sofia Sörlin
DIRECTOR Tobias Bragge
DOP Daniel Edin


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To save somebody's life
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