Trade for people, planet and prosperity


We produced a film for ICC that was showcased at the UN Climate Conference in Dubai in November 2023. The film aimed to elucidate ICC Sweden’s operations, highlight the proposals they are advocating for, and demonstrate the potential impacts of these initiatives.

In a world where toys come to life and stories hold as much importance as magic itself, our protagonist, a young girl, invites us on an enchanting journey through her thoughts and perceptions. With a captivating charm reminiscent of Hans Rosling, she paints a vivid picture that transports us to another realm.

Surrounded by various toys representing different societies, the girl grapples with the complexities of the world. In her room, filled with these symbolic toys, she contemplates issues of cooperation, the importance of quality over origin, and the urgent need to reduce emissions.

Through her narrative and visual aids, we delve into her perspectives on environmental stewardship and wise investment. She exudes a charming innocence in her storytelling, yet her insights make even the most complex global issues accessible to all. Using toys as metaphors, she envisions a future where innovation is key to addressing climate challenges. Her straightforward yet impactful presentation concludes with a call to action: to make trading climate-friendly products more beneficial and affordable for everyone.

To emphasize key moments in the story, we employed various musical elements and sound effects that guide viewers throughout the film. Our audio design, characterized by variation and rhythm, propels the audience on an engaging journey.

In our visual approach, we empower the girl to speak directly to the camera, fostering a direct connection with the viewer and underscoring her message with a sense of urgency and intimacy.

As the narrative draws to a close, the girl reflects on the future, leaving viewers with a sense of hope and a spark of motivation to enact change. By allowing her innocent voice to illuminate pressing issues, the path forward becomes clearer and more inspiring.

TITLE Trade for people, planet and prosperity
PRODUCER Emma Hedestig
DIRECTOR Joakim Hesselgren
EDITOR Adam Sköld
DOP Daniel Edin


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Trade for people, planet and prosperity
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Trade for people, planet and prosperity - Short
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