Uppdrag Ledamot


In this film, we follow several representatives from different parties in Sweden as they navigate their complex work. We chose to film in their natural work-environments to capture the pivotal moments that shape their daily routines and decision-making processes.

Using a two-camera setup for their interviews and a fast-paced editing style accompanied by voiceover, we dynamically guide viewers through the film. Representatives take us through the legislative process, emphasizing the importance of scrutinizing government proposals, from the inception of motions to the enactment of laws.

They also share insights into their work within various committees and boards, such as the Civil Committee and the EU Committee, illustrating how they advocate for their constituents both in parliament and in their constituencies. These interviews offer a glimpse into their views on democracy’s function and the significance of communication with voters.

CLIENT Riksdagsförvaltningen
TITLE Uppdrag Ledamot
Executive Producer Thomas Aziz
PRODUCER Sofia Sörlin
DIRECTOR Joakim Hesselgren
DOP Lucas Lindgren


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Uppdrag Ledamot
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