The Energy Challenge


“The Energy Challenge” is a series of challenges where some of the best skiers in Sweden compete in energy efficiency activities: finishing each challenge using the least amount of time and energy. That’s what it’s all about. 

Hosting the programme: Anders Södergren and Lasse Ejeklint. 

Participants: Björn Sandström, Anders Södergren, Ebba Andersson and Frida Karlsson.

Every programme starts with Anders Södergren and Lasse Ejeklint welcoming viewers and contenders, explaining to them what the given challenge entails and what the contenders should keep in mind when facing the challenge. The challenges are: precision, endurance, obstacle course and balance.

“The Energy Challenge” was well received; competing in energy efficiency is a smart and clear idea that fits Vattenfall’s overall concept “fossil-free in one generation” like a glove.

Client Vattenfall
Agency Forsman & Bodenfors
Producer Thomas Aziz
Director Robin Ehlde
DOP Josua Enblom
FAD Alina Rydbeck
Production Company Crisp Film


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