Never alone

Never Alone

Verisure is the security expert providing peace of mind for homeowners and businesses. With these films our ambition is to create a high recognition factor and clearly communicate how Verisure makes life a little easier, safer, and more secure. We want to create an authentic atmosphere with real humans enjoying their day-to-day life and show how Verisure is:

  • Available
  • To be there for you when it really matters
  • Bringing peace of mind

To show the audience how Verisure is caring, responsible and courageous, we wanted to capture events and emotions that are easily identified with. 

In order to apply the various alarms and functions Verisure offers, we take the viewer on a journey that takes place on three different occasions where Verisure brings peace of mind by being there when it really matters, 24/7 when every second counts.

Film no.1 has an educational approach, it demonstrates the interactions and benefits of homealarms tied to daily life events that people can relate to. We shot different “normal scenes” that take place in a house on a day to day basis, such as a package delivery approaching on the camera or a mom leaving for work. The idea was to show how smooth it is to handle the alarm from your phone and via the camera system. 

Film no.2 focuses on fire to convey the difference between connected and non connected smoke detectors. The film shows the alarm go off because of a charging station being overloaded and set ablaze leading to immediate action from Verisure alarm central where the fire department is notified. 

Film no.3 shows the Verisure Guardian alarm, focusing on letting Verisure’s customers bring safety and peace of mind with them everywhere they go. Here, we wanted to show different situations when you wish you had somebody beside you, making sure you’re safe. The Verisure Guardian does that and won’t let you out of sight until you ask it to.

Client Verisure
Channels TVC
Director Gabriel Schock
Executive Producer Thomas Aziz
Producer Lotta Nygren
Production Manager Amanda Pousette
FAD Carl Kristoffersson
DOP Roy Rossovich
Gaffer Dennis Correaz


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