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We were faced with the challenge of creating a presentation film that would position Strukton Rail as a modern and sustainable societal construction company. Strukton Rails main mission includes building new railways and maintaining the existing infrastructure.

The purpose of the film was to provide insight into Strukton Rail’s operations by showcasing their dedicated staff at work and, ultimately, the result of their collective efforts. We follow two individuals who, with the help of Strukton’s community-building work, are reunited. These stories unfold separately at first but seamlessly intertwine at the end, creating a powerful narrative experience.

To reinforce the message of the film, we used a cinematic voiceover to guide viewers through the story and highlight Strukton Rail’s significance in societal construction. By adding carefully selected music, we created an emotional undertone that further emphasized the film’s message and evoked strong feelings in the audience.

By creating a film that evoked emotions and conveyed Strukton Rail’s significant contribution to societal construction, we succeeded in delivering a message that would stand out and leave a lasting impression on viewers.

Client Strukton Rail
Title We’ll take you wherever you want
Channels Web, SoMe
Executive Producer Thomas Aziz
Producer Sofia Sörlin
Director Gustav A. Lilliehorn
DOP Daniel Edin
Editor Adam Sköld


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We'll take you wherever you want
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