Strong and Vulnerable

Stark och sårbar

Together with Passion Lab, we had the honor of creating AjaBajaCancer’s first brand-building commercial, a film with the purpose of increasing awareness about the organization and its work for families in Sweden affected by childhood cancer. Every year, 350 families receive news that changes everything, and since 2018, AjaBajaCancer has been working to make life a bit easier for those affected by childhood cancer.

The goal of the project was to highlight AjaBajaCancer’s vision – to ease everyday life and make the burden a little lighter for families whose children have been affected by cancer. We aimed to create a film that did not focus on the disease itself but on what the affected individuals experience daily – the struggle, the darkness, but also the gratitude for the life they share and the humility towards others’ generosity.

The foundation of this idea was the thank-you letters that ABC regularly receives from affected families. We wanted to show all the strength and vulnerability that exists in the environment of a child affected by cancer by shining a light on parents, siblings, and other relatives. These everyday heroes continue to fight, and their emotions often have to be set aside in the tough ongoing battle.

Authenticity, everyday life, and closeness were the keywords for the film’s expression. We chose a handheld and intimate visual style to convey the close feeling we were aiming for. The film would show how small means can change and create significant emotions.

Everything was filmed on 35mm film. This contributed to a warm, human feeling and made the colors more organic in the film. Color-wise, we stuck to warm tones – both to stay in ABC’s visual world and to enhance the emotional experience of warmth throughout the film.

Accompanied by Moonica Mac’s song “Stark & Sårbar,” which contributed with a delicate and fine tone, we together created a film that conveys emotions, strength, and humility.

title Stark och Sårbar
Client AjaBajaCancer
Agency Passion Lab
Channels TVC, Web & SoMe
Director Agnes Åkervik
Executive Producer & Co-director Gabriel Schock
Producer Emma Hedestig
FAD Peter Johansson
DOP Niklas Panthell
1st AC Justin LeBlanc
2nd AC Machio Vivianand Lall
Film Loader Zdenek Sova
Gaffer Kamil Janowski
Best boy Linnea Grahn
Sound Lucas Lindgren
Makeup/Mask Mari Miltvedt
Makeup Assistant Sarah Stjernberg
Costume Hanna Westerling
Set Designer Alice Hägglund
Production Assistant & Craft Emmi Segle
Location Manager Elias Sado
Editor Gabriel Schock
Colorist Ola Bäccman
Sound Design Fredrik Lantz, RedPipe
VFX & Online Adam Sköld
Film Lab Nina Boriri, Focus Film
Extra thanks to Cameraten, Dagsljus & Stockholm Hockey Academy


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Strong and Vulnerable - Directors Cut
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