Operation Recycle

Operation Recycle

We produced four films for Telge Återvinning, designed to humorously highlight that a driver’s license is the only requirement to enter Returen and Tveta recycling centers in Södertälje municipality.

The main character is a passionate recycling reporter with his own YouTube channel, convinced of the importance of recycling. Through the reporter’s enthusiastic interviews with people who can now, with their newly acquired driver’s license, enter the recycling center, the films create a comedic world of recycling optimism. The humor relied heavily on improvisation, allowing the reporter to put his own spin on the script to bring his unique humor to the forefront.

Visually, we aimed for the feel of authentic reporting but with professional camera equipment and lighting to elevate the visual quality. The photographer worked dynamically with the camera ‘on-the-fly,’ panning between people in the frame and zooming in on reactions for maximum comedic effect.

To cater to different viewer preferences and platforms, we created three versions of each film. A main film with varying lengths primarily used on the web, a shorter variant for YouTube preroll at 15-20 seconds, and a condensed version tailored for social media.

Each film concludes with a clear call to action (CTA), encouraging viewers to enjoy this amusing driver’s license privilege at Returen and Tveta recycling centers.

CLIENT Telge Återvinning
TITLE Operation Recycle
PRODUCER Beatrice Lilliesköld
DIRECTOR Gustav A. Lilliehorn
EDITOR Adam Sköld
DOP Daniel Edin


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