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Once upon is an app that designs and prints photo diaries. Our objective was to create three hero films as well as shorter versions for social media.

The director’s vision was to create a series of films that illustrated the feeling of both of heart and soul. Films that capture those big and small joyful moments from people’s lives. As a viewer you’ll get to know these characters and immerse yourself in their everyday lives.

As a viewer we get to take part of a family’s cozy Christmas eve, a touching look at a young couple moving in with each other and a grandpa with his grandchild on an adventure to surprise grandma.

In order to match the genuine and vibrant ambition, the film is presented in a documentary style that doesn’t shy away from showing how life really is. A mix of fast paced and more smooth shots create an authentic feeling that moves you and feels honest.

The integration of the photo diaries was done in a sleek and seamless way. Every film for social media ends with a freeze frame that slowly zooms out, then gradually is surrounded by a white frame that bridges the gap from the film to the edges of a physical photo diary. The frame zooms out a bit further and the book is slowly being closed and the film ends with a strong Call To Action.

The production went superbly and we, along with Once Upon, could not have been more pleased with the outcome. The results were some truly beautiful films that feel genuine and really speak to the heart.

Client Once Upon
Market Sweden
Director Gabriel Schock
Executive Producer Emil Torneryd
Producer Beatrice Lilliesköld
DOP Daniel Edin


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