Skona, in!

Skona, in!

We were tasked with creating a campaign for ICA Skona in collaboration with the advertising agency Jung Relations, focusing on introducing their new laundry detergent bottle made from recycled plastic from Swedish households. This means that the plastic in the SKONA bottle could have been owned and recycled by any Swede.

Since ICA was a proud partner of the Swedish Football Association, we had the opportunity to enlist two highly relevant national team players, Zećira Mušović and Magdalena Eriksson, who were soon to play a significant role in the World Cup bronze match during the 2023 FIFA World Cup. These players would be the faces of this campaign.

The mission involved highlighting a specific part of the campaign that would generate buzz and engagement, particularly relevant to our national team stars – trick shots. By integrating the trick shot concept as a central element of the hero film, a clear theme was created that united the campaign films and made the partnership with the Swedish Football Association a cohesive whole.

The film shoot took place on a chilly April day in Malmö, where we spent a few hours on a football field with Magdalena Eriksson and Zećira Mušović, creating different trick shots with various recyclable bottles.

AGENCY Jung Relations
TITLE Skona, in!
PRODUCER Sofia Sörlin
DIRECTOR Robin Ehlde
EDITOR Adam Sköld
DOP Daniel Edin


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