Together for Smart Södertälje

Everyone needs to be involved in the transition to a sustainable society. When Telge Nät wanted to create awareness around its new brand platform “Together for Smart Södertälje”, they enlisted the help of Crisp Film to portray engaged customers and a connected, electrified Södertälje in four films. To convey the message, we had the household’s electrical machines, toilet seats and other elements to pay tribute to their owners’ commitment to Smart Södertälje. 

The films show seemingly ordinary homes in Södertälje, but the viewer should not be fooled. In this parallel universe, everyday objects can talk to each other. The main characters are the household appliances found in an ordinary, connected home – operated by Telge Nät’s energy.

The video concept is structured around a warm and humoristic dialogue between the machines about their owners. The Toilet, the Lamp, the Electric Car, the Router and the Robot Vacuum Cleaner are some of the characters portrayed in the video series. 

The idea was to appeal to, and be relatable for, viewers living in Södertälje. In order to capture the target audience and create a genuine “at home” feeling, we used everyday objects in the scenography and kept the environments modern and contemporary, while a little everyday mess gave a human presence. 

The result was four heartfelt videos that, with a humorous tone, showed Telge Nät’s four segments: Electricity, City network, District heating and Water & Wastewater. The videos also highlighted the commitment Telge Nät and their customers have for a more sustainable future.

Client Telge
Titel Smarta Södertälje
Director Gustav A. Lilliehorn
Executive Producer Emil Torneryd
Producer Sofia Sörlin
DOP Daniel Edin


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