Summer memory

Summer memory

We were thrilled to collaborate for the second consecutive year with Tobiasregistret, a Swedish organization that facilitates blood stem cell donations. The challenge this time was to create a film with a dramatic touch, that would highlight the urgency of the need for stem cell donations in a way that would emotionally engage viewers.

Our approach was to interweave scenes of a young couple’s idyllic summer day with subtle hints of the girl’s illness. The narrative was designed to slowly build tension and capture the viewer’s attention, ultimately revealing the critical need for stem cell donations. 

The casting of the film was essential to its success. We were fortunate to find two actors who brought a natural quality to their performances, allowing viewers to fully engage with the couple’s idyllic day. Their genuine connection increased the emotional impact of the film, resulting in a powerful and memorable viewing experience. 

The carefully crafted storyline and authentic performances of the actors work together to create a film that leaves a lasting impact on the viewers.

CLIENT Tobiasregistret
TITLE Summer memory
PRODUCER Sofia Sörlin
DIRECTOR Gustav A. Lilliehorn
DOP Daniel Edin


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Summer memory
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