The Beauty of Golf

The Beauty of Golf

Bro Hof Slott GC has set a clear objective: to deliver a world-class golf experience every day. This objective is realized through their two stunning courses: The Stadium Course, a challenging championship course that consistently ranks among the world’s best, and The Castle Course, a slightly shorter but equally challenging course, in the same fantastic condition. In addition to the courses, players have access to a first-class practice area, a stunning castle serving as the clubhouse, comfortable changing rooms, and an exceptional restaurant.

Our mission was to capture and convey this unique experience in a fresh and exciting way, within the world of golf. To achieve this, we developed a film concept and style that breaks away from the traditional golf imagery, where we dare to be a bit more bold and build on more emotional images rather than the perfect swing. We also wanted to capture the experience of playing golf in the Nordic region, where the changing seasons pose unique challenges.

Through our films, we aimed to showcase the unparalleled golfing experience at Bro Hof Slott GC and inspire viewers to visit and experience it for themselves.

CLIENT Bro Hof Slott GC
DIRECTORS & SCRIPT Robin Ehlde & Gabriel Schock
PRODUCERS Beatrice Lilliesköld & Sofia Sörlin
DOP Lucas Lindgren
EDITORS Adam Sköld & Gabriel Schock


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Opening 2023
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