The Climate threat

the climate threat

Sometimes we get the opportunity to do films where the customer already has a very clear picture of what the final product should be. Being creative with these companies is fun, yet challenging, and among the more important projects you get to be a part of. Working together with Peab, this was the case and we learned so much working with them on this project. 

Peab AB, the Swedish construction and civil engineering company familiar to most Swedes, had a clear mission when we made contact. An annual survey made among politicians and civil servants in the Stockholm region came back with an unfortunate result. The general perception of Peab seemed to be “an old-fashioned company”, bad for urban development and with a type of construction that wasn’t environmentally friendly. Words no company wants to be associated with.

Their wish was to produce a film that shows a different picture of the company as a leader in a positioning transition, aiming for a future where Peab is seen as an attractive actor in terms of land instructions and tenders. An honorable mission for Crisp Film to take part in. As a starting point, we got several keywords from Peab. Among other leading sentences, our focus was to show how Peab improves everyday life where life is lived: life between the houses, life between the roads, sustainability in a broad sense, and a feeling that “nothing is impossible” with clear elements of optimism for the future.

With these keywords we formed an idea where we wanted to show the environmental thinking that pervades the organization, without denying that mistakes have been made along the way. By admitting that the construction industry in general should have adjusted quicker to climate change, we build trust with the viewer. This gives us the possibility to convey the message that Peab is already on its way to create a sustainable construction industry.

Visually, the film follows a project manager from Peab who works with all these issues in her daily work. To create a genuine and intimate atmosphere we get to know her both privately and professionally. Through her eyes, we get to take part in many of Peab’s operations. A voice over in the film tells you how the construction industry could have done better yesterday. Having built tension and trust, we introduce Peab’s initiative for a more sustainable construction industry. The final message is that Peab creates a positive chain reaction for many other parts of society as well. This way, they create a more sustainable future. By being close to the lead character in the film, we hope the viewer comes close to Peab and gets the ability to see what kind of company Peab actually is. A nuanced picture of a forward-thinking company, never to be described as old-fashioned again.

Producer Alexandra Norberg
DIRECTOR Gabriel Schock
DOP Daniel Edin


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