Joakim Hesselgren

About Joakim


Joakim’s mindset is to create films with multiple plot twists and strong characters. He strives to create films with a high pace and mix different types of media to create new and interesting masterpieces, inspired by pop culture. The will to make things feel natural and authentic is always present. One of Joakim’s biggest strengths is to create humoristic films with strong and driven characters most often in short formats. He does so by using his experience in writing and dramaturgy. Joakim has an education in screenwriting and he also has collected his experience from working within scandinavian drama productions, TV and commercials. When not making films you’ll find him together with his family or out in the ocean on his windsurfing board.

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Joakim hesselgren

+46(0)73-801 02 32



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